Understanding the World Situation through the Ascension Lens

The world is in transition from 3D to 5D.

The world truly feels like it’s falling apart. The craziness that abounds at this point is terrifying at times, because it looks as if humanity really is doomed if we keep going down this same trajectory. No matter which source of news you read or hear these days, things look absolutely dire.

And yet, seen from the perspective of the Ascension process, things look very different. As the Earth continues to rise in frequency toward the Fifth Dimension, it becomes clear that all the corruption, deception, control, lies and false narratives cannot go with us into that much higher frequency. So it all makes sense: Everything of a lower frequency must be left behind.

Thus, all institutions, governments, and structures built on low-frequency 3D values and beliefs must be seen clearly, and either turned around or allowed to collapse so a new World may emerge. It looks very dark now — but we truly are on our way into a whole new, much brighter world.

The blogs, youtubes and books listed below may be helpful in fully understanding this — and in giving you a more optimistic view about where everything is eventually headed.


Why is the World Falling Apart?

… if you’ve been following the disclosure information for some time now, you may be all too well-informed about the situation humanity is currently in…

Brief ebook called “Why is the World Falling Apart?”

This ebook outlines all the reasons that are now coming apparent in the visible world why the world seems to be collapsing at this point. But it also includes the many layers below the surface that have been controlling and manipulating humanity for eons of time. The good news is that all of this that has created the limiting and distorted reality that has been present in the Third Dimension is in the process now of leaving.

Download brief pdf called “Why is the World Falling Apart?”:


Are You Ready for What’s Ahead of Us?

If you’ve been aware of what is occurring across the planet lately, it’s likely you are noticing a sharp uptick in dire situations that are currently happening around the world – floods, earthquakes, fires…

To Take the Shot – or Not

In case you are still indecisive about the subject, feeling you don’t know enough about it, I thought I’d offer some information that might be helpful to you…

 Challenges of Being a  Lightworker Amidst the Covid Crisis

Not that long ago, being what could be called a “lightworker” felt pretty easy – it simply entailed being on a conscious spiritual path, generally holding light and love for everyone, and being of service to others…

Following the News through a 5D Lens

If you’re someone who follows the news on a daily basis, you likely find it difficult to avoid feeling either angry, depressed or fearful about what you’re hearing—or all of the above…

Are the “End Days” Upon Us?

It certainly does seem as if the “End Days” are upon us. So many disasters and terrifying events happening in so many places, one after another…

Responding to Global Violence and Chaos

It’s getting a little scary now, watching the world fall into increasing chaos and further depths of violence and uncertainty…

World in Transition from 3D to 5D

Everywhere we look today, we see a world in transition. It can seem as if global events are totally out of control, the “bad guys” are winning, and that there’s no hope for humanity. The whole idea of the world shifting from 3D to 5D can really feel like an illusion…


Triumph of the LightTriumph of the Light: Humanity’s Enslavement & Impending Liberation

The increasing chaos, disasters and violence playing out on the world stage can be both confusing and frightening, if you don’t understand why this is all happening. In outlining in detail why it is all occurring, this book will introduce you to a world that may at first sound like science fiction or conspiracy theory — but it becomes a fascinating story difficult to dispute or deny, as it finally makes sense of what is happening.

And, best of all, you get to understand the positive trajectory all world events are taking us on, no matter what it may look like now.


The Quantum Leap into 5D Has Begun – Part 1

Preparing for the Ascension Storm

Liberating Humanity

What You May Not Know about Covid-19

Ebook: What You May Not Know about Covid-19

Here is a link to an ebook that you can download about the entire “Plandemic”, along with numerous links to sources of frontline doctors, virologists, immunologists, and attorneys who have attempted to get the real story out:  What You May Not Know ebook 10-5-20 pdf