How to Make it through the “Transitional Times”

The tumultuous period of time we’re now living through has been prophesied for many, many centuries by a variety of elders, prophets and spiritual teachings across the world  as a time in which the “old order” would collapse and a “new world” would slowly emerge, bringing harmony, peace and justice to humanity. In the dimensional paradigm, this stage of humanity’s evolution has been called the Fourth Dimension.

But the quantum leap in consciousness that is occurring during this period of time demands an incredible amount of inner work on our part to ready ourselves for the Fifth Dimension. We can’t bring our 3D baggage with us. Just as all the negative and corrupt institutions and practices in the world must be revealed, dealt with and replaced, all old dysfunctional patterns within each one of us also have to be revealed and either turned around or released.

This is new territory for us, as the impact of Ascension demands we do all this very quickly — and especially so, as the world around us is also collapsing — something that wasn’t happening in years past when many of us began our healing process.

The following blogs and youtubes (see these at the bottom of the page) are designed to assist you through these tremendous changes within yourself with as much speed and ease as possible.

Stepping Fearlessly into the Unknown: Are you feeling a strange shift in your sense of reality lately? Does your external world feel even more weird than usual? Perhaps you feel yourself eerily shifting back and forth between two different worlds?

Feeling Rage? It’s Probably Appropriate and Important to Express

If you find yourself suddenly exploding in rage these days, know that you’re not alone. In fact, you’re likely right on track in your Ascension process…

Ascension Anxiety — How Shift into 5D Consciousness

…It can sometimes feel like nothing is safe anymore. You might barely catch your breath after making it through one challenge, only to find you’re having to let go of the next thing that was helping you to feel safe…

Navigating your Way through the Chaos

…How can we prepare to meet these increasing challenges, while continuing to stay in tune with 5D consciousness – and on track with our spiritual missions? It often seems a daunting feat.

Bring JOY Back into your Life!

…the first thing is to clearly understand the nature of joy and where it springs from. What you can discover is that joy is already a part of you – it is one of the basic, essential aspects of who you are as a Soul…

Living in 5D While in a Crazy 3D World

it’s important to ask yourself if any of the events apparently occurring in the world are actually impacting you in your personal life. Usually, they are not. It is generally only what you think about the events that impacts you.

Dealing with the “Inner Police” in Your Head

One of the most salient features of 5D Consciousness is the complete absence of guilt, shame and self-doubt. Can you imagine experiencing this?

Living within a 5D Bubble of Light

…More than ever, there seem to be two choices for how we choose to navigate our lives: either with love or with fear. But even if we choose love, how can we do that consistently? How can we stay in 5D consciousness with all the increasing challenges ahead of us, both in the world and in our personal lives?

Experiencing 5D While Living in a 3D/4D World

Have you noticed that, despite all the chaos and disruption reigning in the world these days, and all the fear and despair so many people are feeling, you are nonetheless inexplicably having experiences of joy, freedom, peace and love?

Giving Up Your Story of Suffering

…Are you still identifying with the problems in your relationships you need to heal, your painful or aging body, your inability to really manifest what you want in life? Are you still believing at times you are the sum of all your painful experiences from childhood, your financial challenges or the failed marriages you’ve endured?

Keeping Focused on Love, Joy and Peace — No Matter What

…Perhaps the most important thing to do, whatever happens or doesn’t happen, is to not get caught up in the events that are apparently occurring out in the world. In particular, it’s wise to not totally believe anything you read or hear from any news source, mainstream or alternative…

Dismantling your Inner Critic

Do you ever get fed up with that irritating voice in your head that is always ready to tell you how inferior or inadequate you are – or how you’re doing something wrong?

How to Shift from 3D to 5D

…a guide for understanding the consciousness of all three dimensions—3D, 4D and 5D—that we all have access to at this point. In being able to identify the state of consciousness of each of the dimensions, you can then make choices as to which consciousness you would like to live your life from…

The Secret Key to Speeding up Your Ascension

I think we’re all weary of how challenging the ascension path has been so far – so much pain and fear to release, so much loss, so much waiting for “something” to happen to indicate the Earth and humanity are indeed ascending…

The Quantum Leap into 5D has Begun — How to Handle the Chaos

…I lay out the bigger spiritual picture of what is now occurring in the world at large, and this is important to understand. But then I begin with information about the event in the US that began on November 3 – and has not been accurately reported by the mainstream news…

Meeting your Grief, Despair and Fear with Compassion

…there is still unbelievable horror occurring on a daily basis in many areas of the world, with all the deaths, the loved-ones grieving, the overflow of dead bodies in certain cities, and mournfully-fatigued medical staff attempting to deal with it all…

How To Calm Yourself While in the Throes of Ascension

…For a while now, there have been increasingly powerful streams of high-dimensional Light pouring into the earth, compelling us to give up old, low-dimensional strategies and patterns we’ve been stuck in, so that we can shift toward fifth-dimensional consciousness…

Opening to 5D Love

…Such an experience can be so intense, you can feel as if you are made of nothing but Love. It doesn’t matter for whom you feel the Love; it’s the Love itself pouring through you that fills you with joy and exhilaration…

Frustrated with Your Healing Process? 

…The important aspect to be aware of in both of these healing approaches, however, is that the practitioners using these methods generally perceive you as someone who is sick or wounded. There’s usually the belief that something is wrong with you, something is broken. And you need to be fixed

Operating with 3D HabitsLetting Go of 3D Habit Patterns

…And although this new 4D reality is not as open and free as the Fifth Dimension, it is not as limiting and rigid as the Third Dimension was. Everything is energetically looser, freer…

Take Charge—or Go with the Flow? Manifestation or Trust?

…What I realized is that I can continue to live my life in a flowing state of surrender, accepting and welcoming whatever appears in my life. And when I feel an urging from a higher aspect of my consciousness to create something, I can follow it…

Learning Trust on Your Journey into the Fifth Dimension

If you learn nothing else on your journey into the Fifth Dimension, it’s going to be trust. In particular, trust of the Unknown…trust that you’re being guided, no matter how alone you may feel…trust that whatever is happening to you is absolutely right for you–as unsettling and unfamiliar as it may be at times…

Ascension into the Fifth DimensionLiving in the Fourth Dimension

…The fourth dimension is a bridge we’re crossing—or a kind of transitional phase we’re passing through—to help prepare us for entering the Fifth…

The Wisdom of Accepting What-Is

…if I approach life by resisting what-is and attempt to change things from that position, not only will nothing really change for the better—the inner peace, joy and freedom will continue to elude me…

Making Decisions—How to Know “Right Action”

…Let’s say you’re trying to decide whether it would be better for you to go to San Francisco to see a friend this weekend—or stay at home to catch up on your work. Your mind would probably give you the pros and cons of both decisions, and you’d find yourself bouncing back and forth…